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Hamza Ameer

Chief Executive Officer – Asia Despatch

Hamza Ameer is a Foreign Correspondent for Press Tv Iran, Egypt News (English), and Headlines Today. He is also a writer for many famous international organizations; Asia Times Online and Egypt Daily. Hamza Ameer has grown with the objective to challenge himself on each project and make it a success. With in-depth knowledge on the Middle Eastern countries and conflict zones he has also been guest speaker for focus group discussions in prestigious universities like Bahria, SZABIST, Islamabad. He also represented the foreign media in the International Journalism Conference, held in Lahore, Pakistan in 2013. To further add to his portfolio he has been invited as a speaker on numerous forums to guide and set paths for the youth of today in schools.

His journalism journey isn’t limited to boundaries, a producer, coordinator and a foreign correspondent, Hamza Ameer has grown and learnt it all. He sets limits that one thinks are unachievable and his commitment makes them attainable. A determined individual who sees no hurdles and was seen reporting front on during the floods around the country. No distance can stop him from his work. A workaholic by nature and a true patriot Hamza Ameer believes in hardwork being the perfection of all little things that form the big goal.

Contact: ceo@asiadespatch.org


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