Pakistani directors should stop making bad copies of Bollywood, says Naseerudin Shah

Naseeruddin-ShahDelhi: Local reports as disseminated in the vicinity of the city, veteran Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah expressed the hope that Pakistani directors would stop making films which narrate bad plagiarized copies of script as run, shot and stated in Bollywood movies.

According to the reports, actor Naseeruddin Shah stated that so far Pakistani directors have been making bad copies of Bollywood movies and that he hope that they will refrain from committing the act by coming up with the execution of ideas based on original script and screenplays.

“Pakistani directors always try to follow Bollywood and Bollywood always tries to follow Hollywood, even the posters of our films are bad copies of Hollywood,” he said. “The biggest tragedy would be if Pakistani cinema continues producing bad copies of Bollywood, which they have been doing. I hope it finds its own identity and I have a feeling it will.”

Veteran actor has also starred in some of the Pakistani movies before and managed to pull off extravagant performances in both of the films that he starred in. He also performed in his play called Einstein which took place at the Faiz international Festival in Lahore.

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