Europe to deport thousands of Pakistani migrants

Pakistani-migrants-620x350ISLAMABAD: The officials at Europe are planning to speed up the procession of the deportation of tens of thousands of the illegal Pakistani migrants in an attempt to free up space as well as the resources of the refugees with an intrusion of more legitimate asylum requests.

A senior diplomat enunciated the statement in reference to the provision of deportation on Monday.

According to the reports as stated in the Washington Post, Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, announced the proposed message during a visit to Pakistan’s capital in response to the ongoing refugee crisis.

Although a great mass of people from Syrians as well as Afghans have been making the bulk of the most recent arrivals in the outskirts of Europe, a number of Pakistanis have also been seeking asylum in the precincts.

According to the issued statement as reported in various channels and other mediums, The inflow of the migrants is adding to the strain on Europe as it struggles to cope with the 760,000 migrants who have arrived there this year.

The officials also stated that they will only allow the provision of 20 percent migrants from Pakistan if they arrive illegally in reference to the relative stability of Pakistan’s government as well as the danger of Islamic militants diminishing and creating disruption along the various places in Europe.

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