Amount For Zakat Deduction Fixed By State Bank Of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: As the Holy month of Ramzan approaches it preparations are already in hand,one specific preparation is the distribution of Zakat.


Zakat is not just any form of voluntary charity, alms giving, tax or tithe. Nor is it simply an expression of kindness or generosity. Zakat is all of these combined and much more, for it also includes Allah-consciousness as well as spiritual, moral and social objectives.

Zakat is a Divine injunction and an ordinance from Allah Himself. It is not a personal matter or a voluntary contribution; rather, it is an obligation for which one will be called to account before Almighty Allah.

During the past few days The State Bank of Pakistan has fixed Rs33,641 as the minimum amount for deduction of Zakat on bank accounts from the first of Ramazan.

The SBP said that 2.5 percent Zakat would be deducted from savings accounts holding Rs33,641 or more. Deduction of Zakat will be only applicable to savings accounts and will not apply to current accounts.

Zakat will be deducted on the first day of Ramazan, which would fall either on Thursday (June 18) or Friday (June 19), depending on sighting of the moon. Nisab-i-Zakat for the previous year had been fixed at Rs38,810.

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One Response to "Amount For Zakat Deduction Fixed By State Bank Of Pakistan"

  1. A.O.A
    Islam mein to hai ke agar ek saal take paise Jana rahein to zakat katay gee aur the kaise mumkin hai ke 38000.00 per zakat kaise katay gee kaya the Islam mein hai aur agar you ramzan se pehle ek paise deposit kerwata hai to us per bank wale kis islami Qanoon ke teht zakat katay gain?
    Mujay islami ki Roh se tafseel batai jay .
    KHALID Lahore

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