Eye Wash: US led Pak-Afghan meeting in Brussels

By Hamza Ameer

As NATO/ISAF forces formulate for their exit from Afghanistan in 2014, the responsibility of Pakistan in safeguarding their safe exit and to play a more constructive role in prevail of peace and stability in Afghanistan has developed much more important then before. The meeting in Brussels later today headed by US between Pakistan and Afghanistan will aim to reduce the tensions between the two crucial neighbours.

US Secretary of State John Kerry will host the talks while Pakistan’s Army Chief, General Ashfaq Pervez Kiani, Foreign Secretary, Jalil Jilani will represent Pakistan and President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai will represent Afghanistan. Other officials in Brussels will also attend the meeting also.

Amongst the many issues and allegations that both Pakistan and Afghanistan will address, border security issue will be amongst the main pointers of discussion.

“If we are to ensure long-term peace and stability in Afghanistan we also need a positive engagement of Afghanistan’s neighbours, including Pakistan,” Anders Fogh Rusmussen, NATO Secretary General said.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said:

“We will try to talk about how we can advance this process in the simplest, most cooperative and most cogent way, so that we wind up with both Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s interests being satisfied, but, most importantly, with a stable and peaceful Afghanistan.”

John Kerry is known to have good relations with both Pakistan and Afghanistan, and is hoped to be the ice breaker between increased frustrations between the neighbours over continued allegation of terror attacks being harboured from Pakistan into Afghanistan and vice versa.

Afghanistan has blamed Pakistan of not doing enough to support efforts of peace dialogue with the Taliban and has accused that Pakistan wants to see an unstable Pakistan, even after the foreign forces leave Afghan soil in 2014.

Afghanistan also blames that Pakistan is not happy with existence of India in Afghanistan, and wants to reduce Indian influence by catering terror attacks facilitations from Quetta, Pakistan into Afghanistan.

Pakistan shares at least 2,600 kilometre long border with Afghanistan. The dreaded Taliban militants, who carry out cross-border movements and conduct deadly attacks both in Afghanistan and Pakistan, use the same border.

The same border however, is also used by the US killer drones, which fly from Afghanistan into Pakistan airspace and fire missiles, aimed towards targeting militant hideouts, an action highly unpopular throughout Pakistan.

The whole stage set in Brussels about peaceful and stable Afghanistan, does not include the main and the most important party, the Taliban.

Peace talk failure: Afghanistan and Taliban

There have been several meetings in the past between the US administration, Afghan government and the Taliban, but all have failed to come down to a solution.

Taliban maintain that there can be no dialogue until all foreign forces are out of Afghanistan, while US insists them to surrender.

In my recent article on Asia Times Online, I highlighted how fearful and non-equipped, the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP) are against the Taliban.


The article highlights how the ANA and ANP have hijacked million of finances and efforts of the US forces, who have trained and equipped them to fight against the Taliban, while the same ANA and ANP have already surrendered themselves to the Taliban, amid fears of attacks after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

Quote from my article on Asia Times Online:

“As many as 32 policemen of the puppet Afghan army have already switched sides and joined the mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in Wardaj, Badakhshan province [in the northeast of Afghanistan], handing their weapons over to the mujahideen and vowing to fight against the invading forces and their minions,”

The above given statement is from a Taliban militant, confirming the position of ANA and ANP.

Taliban have also brushed aside western claims of peace talks and have rejected them as part of a “controversy”.

It is pertinent to mention here that the NATO forces formed Afghan National Army (ANA). ANA has been accused of supporting the Taliban in recent attacks on the foreign soldiers by members of the ANA. The same allegations have been put against ANP also, which further weakens Afghanistan position in justifying its position and efforts towards peace in the region, especially Afghanistan itself.

With all the mentioned loopholes, it seems a daunting task for the US, Pakistan and Afghanistan to ensure any positive movement towards peace and stability in Afghanistan, whose implication has direct influence on peace across the globe.

Time has proven that US’s value for its soldiers is a lot higher then that of the lives of the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan; Brussels meeting might be focused on the same concern. Analyst say US might be only focused to ensure safe passages of their troops from Afghanistan and Pakistan exit routes and giving healthy financial returns to both the countries.

On the other hand, Afghanistan and Pakistan, who might be left to deal with the US imposed war on terror, a war now claimed by both Pakistan and Afghanistan as theirs, to be responsible for their negligence and ignorance towards ensuring border security measures and moving forward the peace process with the Taliban.

Hamza Ameer is a News Correspondent in Pakistan for Press Tv Iran, Nile Tv International Egypt and Headlines Today, Delhi. He can be reached at hamza.ameer@hotmail.co.uk

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