Killer measles claim lives of Children across Punjab

By Sarah Najam

It all started in March 2012, when a consistent amount of young children, were reportedly taken to the hospital and admitted with measles diagnosis. Then, it started to turn ugly as daily casualties started to occur. Measles were taking lives of young children on daily basis as a huge number of more then 350 children died within a month. Amongst the dead, was a big amount of infants and toddlers, who were brought to the hospital in the morning, and was not breathing anymore the same evening.

The doctors tried their level best to find out a solution to the ongoing killing spree, but the big number of fresh cases each day, kept their attention diverted, while the higher authorities kept their eyes closed over the issue. The measles attack stopped on its own and brought relief to the families of the breathing children, leaving behind hundreds dead.

Year 2013 has now brought the same deadly measles to Punjab. More then 55 children, mostly infants and toddlers have died due to measles, while hundreds continue to pour into the hospitals in the Punjab’s provincial capital, Lahore. At least 117 fresh cases of measles were reported throughout the hospitals across Lahore.

Amongst many dead children, Fatima, Arsalan and Bisma were the fresh victims of the deadly measles attack. Fatima, Arsalan and Bisma were 3 year old, while their parents were not aware that their little angels would breathe their last breath on Saturday.

Punjab Government, with its bitter experiences from Dengue attack in 2011 and 2012, has been relatively quick to initiate free vaccinations at healthcare centers across the Punjab province and have urged all locals to take their children for the vaccination as soon as possible. The provincial government has also called on social organizations, ulemas and the civil society to do public awareness campaigns to avoid further casualties of young children.

Punjab government has also announced immunization week from the 24th of April, during which awareness campaigns will be organized and free vaccinations will be given to the locals throughout the province.

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