Tanzila Khan: The Wheelchair Girl

By Hamza Ameer

Disabled people are considered to be the neglected part in Pakistan as they attract more sympathies and dependencies. But, one girl stands out as a role model for all.

Amongst the stories of sufferings and difficulties that disabled people have to go through, Tanzila Khan, a 21-year-old young and energetic girl is changing the mindset with her success stories.

Tanzila Khan is known as the girl on a wheel chair, but this identity is not out of sympathies but is a notable difference she possesses of being a successful individual with diversified abilities.

At a young age of 16, Tanzila launched herself with her first novellete and since then this young girl on a wheel chair looks towards the skies as the limit to her target to achieve.

“I think earlier when I was in my school, it was the identity that I was given and that was the girl on a wheel chair. And during that part I realized that this doesn’t sound right to me, it sounds too hopeless, it sounds too upsetting and sad. Not just for me but for the person whose addressing me either. This whole circle of sadness didn’t appeal to me that much. So, I though that I have to change this identity. So at that time, I considered myself, I looked at my self and said to myself that what do you have, what can you do? And the only things that I had were my hands, so I had to use my hands. So, deliberately I pushed myself towards reading and writing.” said Tanzila

Tanzila changed the sympathies of others towards her into recognition as she used her abilities to be recognized of being a writer, trainer, painter, a consultant and a social charity campaigner.

Tanzila’s mother, who has been the driving force behind her success story, says she always had the flair to learn and deliver.

Mrs. Farhat Raza Khan, Tanzila Khan’s mother, says her charisma was always there.

“Tanzila’s charisma was always there since the time of her birth. I have a special bonding with her not only as a mother but also of being the one to keep track of her work and engagements. As a parent, I have never stopped her from seeking her ambitions be turned into reality because I see my success in hers.”

Tanzila is also a major contributor towards working for the education and disability rights in Pakistan. She has already organized two major projects and keeps making constant visits to rural areas, playing her part in awareness campaigns for the poor.

Her brother says she is not just special for what she has achieved in life, but is a very important part of the family whose smile keeps the family happy.

“She is not just special for her achievement. She is special in every way. Even when, she was not involved social work and whatever she is doing, she was the gem of the family, soul of the family. She is basically the one, who kept it all colorful, all going well, smile on every body’s face. Not just us, but the focal point in every gathering, wherever we went.”  said Mohammad Raza Khan, Brother, Tanzila Khan.

Tanzila has represented Pakistan on National and International Forums. Carrying her identity as a girl on a wheel chair, Tanzila is full of energy as her positivity and confidence is spreading positive ambitions amongst other disabled people.

“I think I’m someone who’s just too excited, I’m just too excited to be given a life.

 Many say Tanzila Khan is a shining star who has proved that disability cannot hinder achievement of goals and ambitions as her efforts ensure her bright future.

Hamza Ameer is a News Correspondent in Pakistan for Press Tv Iran, Nile Tv International Egypt and Headlines Today, Delhi. He can be reached at hamza.ameer@hotmail.co.uk


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    Tazila sky is the only limit for, May Allah bless you and make you shinning light for all the women..

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